Saturday, August 8, 2009

CONTEST - Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils

You are probably already familiar with essential oils, whether you choose to use them or fragrance oils in your products. An essential oil is a liquid that is distilled, typically by steam distillation, from the leaves, flowers, stems, roots, bark, or other parts of a plant. The distillation process allows the “essence” of the plant and its therapeutic qualities to remain intact. Essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used sparingly. They are used for both their aroma and their medicinal qualities and can be used in most of your products. Some of them can be quite expensive.

Fragrance oils are artificially created or contain synthetic substances and do not offer the therapeutic benefits that essential oils do. Either manner of scenting your products is perfectly acceptable, but if you are looking for natural ingredients with therapeutic qualities, essential oils would be your choice. Fragrance oils tend to be more economical and there is a much wider range of scents, such as pumpkin pie and ocean breeze.

I use essential oils in my products since I like to make natural, therapeutic items, but can certainly understand the appeal of fragrance oils, and I am known to use some fragrances in my candles. Now, since I use primarily essential oils, I have collected a few sample size fragrances from suppliers, and thought I would offer them up as a very small prize.

Here's what's up for grabs in the way of sample size fragrances from suppliers (I think they are around 1/2 - 1 ounce each):

Hello Sweet Thang from Bramble Berry
Salty Mariner from Bramble Berry
2 Eskimo Kisses from Snowdrift Farm
Cranberry from Snowdrift Farm
Holiday Balsam from Snowdrift Farm
Green Tea from From Nature With Love
Asian Plum Blossom from From Nature With Love

I think I will divide them among 2 winners. Each winner will receive 4 sample size fragrance oils.

What to do:

1. Post comment below by 11 pm on Thursday, August 13, 2009: Do you use essential oils, fragrance oils, or both in your products? Each person that posts a comment answering this question is entered once.
2. Earn extra entries (in addition to posting a comment)- become a follower on our twitter for 1 extra entry and become a fan on our Facebook page for another extra entry (so you could earn 3 entries total)

I will randomly draw 2 winners and announce the results by Friday. Don't worry, I'll post a better contest soon.

Good Luck!


  1. Hi Erica -

    I use fragrance oils just because there is such a wide range of fragrances to choose from and they are more cost effective. I hope to some day expand my line into essential oils to offer my customers more benefits than what my products already offer.

    I'm already a facebook fan of yours!


  2. I use both. Some of my soaps are all-natural, and some of them have artificial fragrance and sometimes artificial color. There are certain scents you just can't achieve with essential oils, and I find that having both fits a wider audience.


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