Monday, August 31, 2009

New Saponifier Issue is Out

The September/ October issue of the Saponifier Magazine, an online magazine designed for soap makers, has been released. The magazine is packed full of information. This issue is all about the basics with articles features:

Saponifier’s Cheat Sheet
Boot Camp Basics: Soapmaking Formulas
Basic Recipes You Can Make Your Own
Candle Making Guide
“Bleeding” Candles for Halloween
A Guide to Selling on Etsy
Tips on Taking and Editing Product Photographs
Monographs on Açaí and Meadowfoam

I write the articles on Herbal Wisdom, which this issue discusses how to use herbs (infusions, decoctions, teas, etc.), and the Chandler's Corner, which is a very basic beginner's candle making reference. I also wrote an article on making bleeding candles for Halloween...very fun stuff. If you don't have a subscription, I recommend one. I find the magazine very helpful in my business. But don't worry, I will post a scaled down version of my articles right here on this blog.

Next issue: Science in Action
Tutorials and info:The chemistry of soaps and candles, Readers Choice Awards results, and a Formula Dictionary.

For those of you with subscriptions, I would love some feedback on the articles I wrote. Were they helpful? Was it information you already knew? Is there information about herbs or candles that you would like to see in the future? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Honestly, I downloaded it, but haven't had a chance to read anything yet. I don't have a lot of interest in herbs or candles - just not something I do, so I am probably not much help anyway!


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