Monday, August 31, 2009

Product Review - Get Soaked!

Get Soaked! No I'm not using expletives, I'm introducing a bath company to you, Silly. I had the pleasure of testing a lovely bath salt from a little bath shop called Get Soaked. Don't you just love the name?

Michelle, the inspiration behind Get Soaked, sent in her product for review and has patiently waited for me to give it a try. Of course, I drug the suspense out forever. She's been waiting with bated breath for the final outcome. And now that it has arrived, will Michelle be pleased with the review? Let's read and find out.

Company: Get Soaked!
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Product Reviewed: Soothing Bath Salts
Scent: Lavender Beginnings
Product Link: Click here to purchase
Size: 8 oz
Price: $7.99
Description: Get Soaked Soothing Bath Salts are handmade and formulated with fine grain salts. This allows them to completely dissolve in your bath water. The products contain epsom salt and Dead Sea salt. Epsom salt is known to soothe skin irritations, relax achy muscles and help to remove toxins from the body. Dead Sea salts are high in magnesium and potassium, minerals which are excellent for the skin. The salts are affordable. You don't have to spend a fortune to pamper yourself. Each 8 ounce jars comes with a scoop so you can accurately measure your salts for each bath. The bath salts will leave your bathroom smelling great for hours!

First Impressions: Get Soaked's bath salts arrived carefully packaged. The salts come in an 8oz plastic tub-safe jar. The label is fresh and clean with a simple, playful bubble design. My interest was immediately sparked by the cleverly designed scoop. You see, on the side of the jar is a useful, plastic scoop conveniently attached in an upright position by a thin strip of strong Velcro. How cute! It really works well, too. The salts smelled delightful. The scent is a delicate perfumed lavender.

The Experience: This is where things get fun. I should mention that these salts are the scoopable rather than pourable kind, if that makes sense. They stayed soft and fluffy. They were easy to scoop with no indication of drying or hardening. The salts dissolved quickly. The scent was dispersed throughout the tub with long staying power. I would rank the scent at a moderate level, as opposed to light or strong. It was just right. My skin was left feeling soft and soothed with a very light scent remaining for some time after the bath. There was no residue or color left in the tub or on my skin. Overall, I really enjoyed using the salts. And in 17 scents, there is a scent for everyone, from Tropical Limelight (coconut and lime) to Blackberry Cream and Herbal Garden to Baby Powder.

Michelle offers friendly customer service. And I've heard that there are some body scrubs in the making as we speak...some exciting new sugary delights from Get Soaked. How many of you like sweet and salty? Be sure to check out the Get Soaked site and fan Michelle on Facebook.


  1. Erica - Thank you so much! I am gushing - this is such a wonderful review!

  2. Great review! I am also a fan of Get Soaked bath salts and scrubs! Be sute to check them out too! :)


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