Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunday Spotlight - Bay Rum

This week's theme is based on the scent Bay Rum. Bay Rum comes in a few varieties, including lime, vanilla and sandalwood, and has a spicy, clove fragrance. It reminds me of islands and relaxation. Strangely enough, it also reminds me of pirates, and apparently, I'm not the only one because I found a pirate soap in that scent. Enjoy these artisans and their take on Bay Rum. Each artisan's name is a link to their site.

Bay Rum Soap by Sinami 1

Bay Rum Shaving Soap by DECA Candle
Bay Rum and Vanilla by Krug's Eco-Logic

Bay Rum and Lime Soap by Bella Fresca

Bay Rum Soap by Pink Parchment Soaps
Chunky Bay Rum Soap by Bubbles Variety Shoppe
Bay Rum Pirate Soap by Dug Shop

Bay Rum Soap by Sherri's Scents and Soys

Bay Rum Lime Loofah by 1846 House Soaps

Bay Rum Candles by Mrs Tattooed Geek

Dead Sea and Bay Rum Candles by Sydney Hale

Sandalwood Bay Rum Soap by Aunt Nancy's Soap

Bay Rum Soap by Crowley Manor

Bay Rum Aftershave by Flying Bird Botanicals

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