Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to Make Bleeding Candles for Halloween

“Bleeding” Candles for Halloween

This variation to hand-dipped candles creates the illusion that the candle is bleeding or dripping blood, a great product to market for Halloween. Begin by reading this article titled Tapers and Twists (click here) to learn how to hand dip candles. This formula is based on already having this knowledge.

Supplies needed:
Paraffin wax
Flat braided wicks
Double boiler
Candle thermometer
Wooden spoon
Deep metal container or vat
Deep cardboard box
Dyes, scents, and additives

To make four 8 inch tapers, you will need approximately 11-12 oz of wax. Lay newspaper where you will be working for easy clean-up. Melt your paraffin wax at 160 degrees F in the double boiler, maintaining the temperature throughout the dipping process. Add any colorants, scents, and/or additives once the wax has melted and reached the desired temperature.

Choose a deep red color for the inner portion of the candle and a different color for the outer portion giving the candle an ordinary look. Black, purple, orange, or moss green are great for Halloween.

Prepare your wick for hand-dipping. Begin dipping the wicks in red wax until the candle is about ¾ its desired thickness. Once cooled, over-dip the red candle with your selected exterior color until it has reached the desired diameter.

As a final touch for added smoothness, dip the candles in wax set at a higher temperature, not to exceed 180 degrees F, for the very last dip. Hang the candles to fully cool. Once cooled to room temperature, you can snip the wick to the desired length, and your hand dipped tapers are ready for use.

When you light your innocent looking candle of your chosen color, it will drip the red core color on the outside of the candle creating a spooky, bleeding accent for your Halloween decorating.


  1. It is rather easy to make them, if you know how to make candles. Just make sure that you mold a deep red candle and make sure that you can hold the wick when you dip the candle in white liquid wax until it is the desired side and the color red is hidden. Make sure that the red wax is hard before dipping it or the candle will turn pink. Oh, and make sure that you dip the wick first in the wax so you can control the flame.


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