Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Book Review - The New Soapylove Book Arrived

If you remember, I interviewed Debbie of Soapylove about her business and upcoming book last month (click here). Well, the new book has been shipped by Amazon and arrived today. And you know I had to review it and let you all know what I think. So here it goes:

Title: Soapylove
Author: Debbie Chialtas
Copyright: 2009
Price: $13.59
Format: 128 page softcover book

Overview: This book is a how-to guide for making fun glycerin melt and pour soaps. The cover states a microwave and a measuring cup are the main tools used - easy as pie. The first section covers materials and techniques and shows step-by-step photos showing how to add colorants and fragrances, and how to use molds and cut soap bars. The remainder of the book provides instructions for making 25 different melt and pour projects at varying skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Each project has a photo of the finished soap, a list of materials and step-by-step instructions and photos. You can see exactly how to make each project through the photos. Techniques include embedding, layering, cut-outs, swirling, and blending. The projects are fun and appealing. Projects include: cameo bars, polka dot baby shower favors, mod designs, scenic designs, soapsicles, flame bars, plaid soaps, soap candies and more.

Review: I am actually quite pleased with the Soapylove book. This book would equate to a cookbook. There is a little information about the tools and ingredients (not in depth), but then it moves right into the "recipes". I like lots of pictures when using creative or crafty books, and this one provides plenty. Each step is accompanied with an action photo and easy to follow instructions. And even if you didn't actually want to make the projects included in this book, the ideas, pictures, and technique instructions can spur endless new creative ideas for your own soap designs. In fact, I can see that some of these project techniques can cross over into other crafts. It's a great idea and project book to add to your collection. Plus you can't beat the price.

For more about Debbie and Soapylove, read the interview here.
Where can you find Debbie and Soapylove? Follow any of the links below.
Website: http://www.soapylove.com/
Blog: Soapylove Daily Ditties (Upcoming classes and free tutorials are listed here)
Blog: The Soap Lab (Special Soapylove projects)
eZine: Let's Get Soapy (Purchase here)
Soapylove book: Soapylove (Purchase on Amazon.com or at Bramble Berry)
YouTube: Soapylove Tutorials and Videos


  1. I am suppost to get my book tomorrow!! I can't wait!! Debbie is one talented lady!! Thanks for the overview xoxo

  2. I got my book and I don't even think I can match your review. Am I allowed to say, "DITTO" ?



  3. I got my copy on Monday. I loved it.

    I agree it does not go over ingredients which is ok because I have other books that do. Although, I wish it had a resource page on where to get things like jojoba beads for the pop tart soaps. I guess I will be looking on line for that.


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