Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Extra Spotlight - Down-Right Creepy Soap

There are some products that are down right creepy, sometimes on multiple levels, whether meant to be or not. In fact, I know that some of these items are not marketed for their scare factor, but I can't help being a little frightened by them. I feel that body parts and creepy dolls would be very disturbing sitting on a soap dish in a dark shower and feel I must share them with others. And putting them in a jar or glass container (even a pretty one) seems even scarier to me. Each artisan's name is a link to their website. Creepy is still artistic!

Baby Bestonik's Soap by Hartley Soap
Doll Face Soaps by Pixxxie Pie and Posie

Baby Doll Soap by Stinky Bomb

Baby Hand Soap (source unknown)

Soap Fingers by AJ Sweet Soap

More spotlights to come this week for a Halloween finale.


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