Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday's Featured - Milk and Cookeez

There are ALOT of soapmakers out there, many of which have lovely soaps with their own unique style. Every once and awhile you stumble upon a soap artisan that brings a completely new and interesting dimension to soapmaking.

Milk and Cookeez founder, Tammy Brodbeck, takes soapmaking to a whole new level with her incredible soap treats that look just like the edible goodies from a fresh bakery or sweet shop.

From cookies and cupcakes to ice cream and candy, Tammy does not hold back on creative tubtime treats. In fact, she down right spoils us with them. Not only will you long to smell these delicious looking delights, you will want this fun and unique bathing indulgence. Just imagine getting these little treats in a gift box, and Tammy's gift boxes are adorable.

Please, you cannot hold Tammy (or me, for that matter) responsible for your sudden craving for fresh baked goodies, nor your subsequent weight gain as you go on a feeding binge as a result of viewing these lovely soaps and bath products. For goodness sake, try to contain yourself!! Now let's get to know Tammy and her business better.

Name of Business: Milk and Cookeez
: Milk and Cookeez
Twitter: @milkandcookeez
LinkedIn: Tammy Brodbeck

Tell us about yourself. I am a SAHM/WAHM of 3 great kids, ages 9, 6 and 2. I am also a wife to a wonderful husband, who bites his tongue a lot. I am currently opening up a side shop to Milk and Cookeez called Ice Cream and Clean. This shop will focus more on the cool type bath treats that I currently sell on Milk and Cookeez, with a lot more choices.

What types of products do you sell? I sell yummy fun for your tub, which actually means edible looking bath treats. While the products are non-edible they are good for you. I like to use a lot of natural butters, sea salt, glycerin, detergent free melt and pour soaps, phthalate free fragrances, and I love using essential oils. Some of the products that I make are cupcakz (fizzy cupcakes with a soap frosting), cookeez ( a sea salt bath cookee, which are all natural), and tub taffy (olive butter bath melts).

How did you get into this business? I started Milk and Cookeez in early Summer 2008 as a way to make something special for my daughter’s 2nd Grade Teacher. She was a wonderful woman who, I thought, needed something special. I grow a small garden of lavender and thought that I could make her a bath bomb. So I went where anyone would to the internet and started surfing. I happened upon a site that talked about bath cookies and that is how it all began.
Where do you get your inspiration for your work? Unfortunately, my inspiration comes from dessert! I love dessert, cakes, ice cream and candy. My idea was that if I make something so delicious smelling for the tub, I won’t want to eat it. However, at this point, it only works on baking cookies.

Are you a member of any related organizations or do you have any special related certifications, etc.? I am a member of the Indie Beauty Network.

What is your favorite product and why? (That you make, of course) My favorite product that I am making right now is scoopz. Scoopz is a milk based bath fizzy that is formed to look just like a scoop of ice cream.

What do you do outside of work? Outside of Milk and Cookeez, I volunteer my time as my daughter’s Football Cheer Mom and enjoy spending time in my wonderful town.

What are your business dreams for the future? My dreams for the future are to be able to open a retail shop that has a fun, sweet shop theme.

If you could give advice to other bath and body or candle businesses, what would it be? My advice for anyone starting a small business is to keep strong and persevere. The old adage of when it rains it pours is so true in business.

If you could have one bath and body or candle business question answered, what would you ask? What do you do to keep soap shipments from melting?

OK, so now I, too, dream that Tammy opens a sweet shop themed store full of bath goodies - ice cream fizzies, tub taffy, cookies, cupcakes - that would be so cool to shop in a store like that. I really hope her wish comes true for my own personal selfish pleasure. :-D

Don't forget to browse Tammy's online sweet shops, fan her, follow her, and check out her blogs.

Can anyone help Tammy and others with melting shipments? Post responses here!


  1. Wow!!! Tammy is one of my best online buddies:) I'm so happy for her success!

    To keep items from melting: Haven't mastered that one myself, but I find adding a little stearic acid to my bases hardens the finished product. You may have to invest in some ice packs unfortunately.

  2. Non-fat bakery goods? I love this! Definitely keeping Tammy in mind for my Christmas shopping!

  3. Milk and Cookeez products are awesome and they smell divine! Tammy is a real sweetie.

  4. Tammy's products are super sweet and truly luxurious! They smell incredible and perform even better :) She is a very talented bath and body artisan.


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