Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday's Featured - SUDS Handmade Soap Co.

It's another episode of Friday's Featured artisan, and all I have to say is Ooh-la-la! Every time I do a Friday's Featured, I am always amazed at each artisan's unique take on their products. Every product is uniquely their own, and every new artisan gets me excited about their art form. You have to admit that every style is represented in these features. It truly amazes me.

And you can see why I am always excited. Jessica and Samantha of SUDS Handmade Soap Co. demand your attention with their eye-popping works of art, and attention they have received. Hey, my attention counts for something, doesn't it? I am a color fanatic, so when I first saw SUDS soaps (in my Flickr Pool, no less), I was in awe of not only the amazing, bright, rich colors, but the combination choices, the swirling and layering, and the thick meringue-like toppings.

In response to my question of which is your favorite soap, the cousins of SUDS stated that it was like choosing your favorite dessert. Hmm...I definitely can't choose just one fav. And they were right, upon lusting over their gorgeous soaps, I don't feel that I could choose just one. And then getting them home, I don't think I could decide which soap to try first. I'd probably have to try several per bath. Now there's an idea.
Well enough with my desserts in the tub. Let's hear from Jessica and Samantha.

Name of Business: SUDS Handmade Soap Co.
Facebook: Click Here

Tell us about yourself. SUDS is a partnership between two Michigan cousins, and close friends, Jessica and Samantha Clark. We have so much fun, everyday, with our company! We absolutely love every aspect of our work.... brainstorming new design ideas, experimenting with recipes and percentages, the chemistry of saponification, playing with fragrances and color, working with other business owners and, best of all, getting to chat with our customers. SUDS' fan base has really grown quickly, in a short period of time, and we are so excited to be able to share our work with the public. We strive, everyday, to make the coolest bars possible, but it is the fact that we have fun with the process, that has made SUDS soap so unique.

What types of products do you sell? We sell designer soap bars that we make from scratch, with our own unique and special formulas. Our philosophy is that "fresh and natural" does not have to mean boring. We work hard at proving that every day.

How did you get into this business? Well, being that we are total fragrance junkies, we fell into soap and candle making, quite naturally, years ago. It was the change in the Michigan economy, however, that turned our playful hobby into full time careers. Our husbands are builders (were builders), and that industry has taken a devastating hit. Needless to say, our hubbies are now back in school, working on their new degrees in nursing. We have young children to take care of, so we are now relying on what we know and what we love, which is designing beautiful soap. Lucky for us, the world seems to be full of fellow fragrance and beauty lovers, and they have welcomed SUDS with open arms!

Where do you get your inspiration for your work? Well, much of our inspiration comes from our passion for color. I can't stress that enough.... we really LOVE color and we love to have fun with it... the bolder, the brighter, the better! We are both outgoing, young women and we want to portray our personality in our work. SUDS is about feeling good, looking good, having fun and enjoying the gift of life. That being said, we are inspired by everything around us... the scents, sights, sounds, and emotions that we experience every day. Soaping truly is an art form. Anyone who has made soap from scratch, will tell you that it takes a lot of skill, and patience, to produce a perfect batch.

What is your favorite product and why? (That you make, of course) Hmmm that is a hard question to answer! It really depends on the scent that we are craving at any given moment. It is kind of like asking us which dessert, or which color, is our favorite. There are so many! We can tell you this.... if it isn't one of our favorites, then we don't make it! ;-)

What do you do outside of work? Our Christian faith is very important to us and so is being home with our children. We each have a houseful, and things can get pretty crazy. We spend a lot of time laughing and we don't take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy every loud and blissful moment of the lives that we have been blessed with. Although it is often chaos, it is beautiful chaos!

What are your business dreams for the future? Our goal is to have our own brick and mortar store, as well as a shop that we can make, cure, and package our soap in. We are having so much fun and, with all of the amazing feedback that we have received, we know that we'll get there! If you could give advice to other bath and body or candle businesses, what would it be? If you really want to succeed, manage your time wisely and be as efficient as possible. Become a master of your craft, be prepared to work hard, and always be on the lookout for ways to improve.

Here's a fun challenge, a little poll, if you will. Tell us ONE fav dessert. And tell us ONE fav soap design by SUDS. Just post below. I'm just curious. For one, I want to know if you can choose just one dessert, and two I'd like to see which soap is popular among those of us in the biz.


  1. My favorite dessert is cheesecake...preferably with chocolate. That one was easy. There is no way I could pick a favorite SUDS soap!!! I want them all!

  2. I recieved a bar of soap from a friend from Suds Soap Co and I can't seem to find where to buy more at anyone know where I can? Please help! I need more yummy soap! Thanks


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