Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday Spotlight - Halloween Candy

Well I missed my Sunday Spotlight as my husband was putting a new desk in my office for 12 hours - don't ask, you really don't want to know. What you really want is some good old-fashioned soap porn to ooh and aah over on a Sunday (I mean, Monday) night. So I won't bore you with the continuing saga that is my life, but will instead uplift your spirits with the artistry of some fabulous bath, body and candle making extraordinaires centered around the delicious theme of Halloween candy. Remember, each artisan's name is a link to their product's website. Enjoy!

Trick or Treat Soap by Bubbles Variety Shoppe

Candy Corn Glycerin Soap by Heathen's Hearth

Caramel Apple Halloween Bunnies by Love Luca

Candy Corn Soap by Smokey Mountain Scents

Candy Apple Sugar Polish by Alchemic Muse

Candy Corn Pillar Candle by The Chandler's House

Spiderweb Soap in Licorice by 1846 House Soaps

Candy Corn Bath Bomb by Layla

Boo Berry Soap by SUZ World

Candy Corn by Soap by Selena

Caramel Apple Soap by The Soap Seduction
Chocolate Owl Soap by Eternal Sunshine

Candy Corn Candles by Bliss Candles

In celebration of Halloween, I will be posting some extra spotlights throughout the week. Do you have some bath and body products or candles you want featured? Share them at our Flickr Photo Pool (click here), and you could be featured in the next Sunday Spotlight. I do make an effort to include everyone in the Flickr Photo Pool. If I don't feature you right away, it's because I have a later theme that I want to place your product in, so hang in there. I have plans for you. :-)


  1. Candy corn seems to be really popular! I love all the different interpretations, and thanks for featuring my caramel apple soap:)

  2. These are all really cool! I definitely like all the different versions of candy corn, I've gotten the munchies now.

  3. I ended up breaking down and buying the little owl with the knitted scarf. It was too cute for me to resist.

  4. Patrice, your soap looks delicious!

  5. What an incredible range of natural bathing products, would love to be at Halloween with these, I will no longer need trick or treats!

  6. I think I need to go buy some candy corn!

  7. Thanks Bonnie:) I love this blog. Thanks for introducing me to so many soap makers:)

  8. WHat a great collection of Halloween Goodies. Thanks for including me!


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