Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Apologies...and Stuff

I have to apologize for not posting lately. My daughter came down with a nasty stomach virus. We're on day five and it's only improved slightly. She had to spend Friday evening at the hospital getting IV fluids. It's been rough on her AND my husband and me. Needless to say, my time has been pretty consumed.

I know, I know! You guys are completely understanding, and I appreciate that. I've got a number of things to share with you all over the next couple of days. I've got some catch up to do on the Sunday Spotlight. The theme from this past Sunday was Fresh Pine. I've got some great products to show you from some awesome soap artists.

I also have a Friday Feature on Virtues of Nature. Nenna has patiently waited for me to feature her, and I can't wait. She makes both soaps and candles, and has a lovely storefront in the Atlanta, Ga area, which I really wanted to see when I was up there last month, but unfortunately ran out of time.

I have some product reviews on the way (some of which are for companies that do not know that I am doing a review...uh-oh). And I'm just gonna let you mull that one over for a while. Some of you may even go back through your invoices to see if I purchased from you or not. Try not to stay up worrying about it. I'm not evil...not always, at least. :-D
I also have some more tips, recipes, articles, and tutorials up my sleeve. See, I haven't forgotten you. I'll still give you regular doses of soap dope, more features on other great artisans, and lots of articles and such. I'm still here!
AND I've got a bunch of stuff up on Etsy and Artfire (not nearly all of it though), and I'm having some great sales. Free Worldwide Shipping for Black Friday-Cyber Monday and lots of discounts on most products.

Here's a lovely Celtic Etsy treasury from earlier in the week. My soap is in the mix. The artisans in this treasury are amazing. I'm totally gonna get one of those doors for my tree out front (top center). My daughter has a fairy finding group, and she'll freak when a fairy door crops up in our very own yard. :-)

Hey, let's spread the news on sales. Post what sales you are having for Black Friday-Cyber Monday with a link to your shop below. Most of us are in the biz, and I can't speak for everyone, but I, for one, buy a lot of products from other people and would love to know who's having a sale.

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  1. Ok, tomorrow starts my Christmas sale! Spend $20, get 10% off, Spend $40, get 15% off, or Spend $60 and get 20% off. Preferred Customers who spend $40 or more get free shipping CYBER MONDAY only!



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