Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nov/Dec Issue of the Saponifier Magazine Is Out

The last issue of the Saponifier Magazine of the year is out. You can purchase your copy by clicking here.

This issue focused on the science of soapmaking. It's full of heavy duty articles. If you're a science buff, you'll love it. If you hate science, well there's always the Raves for Faves. :-)

Herbal Wisdom: How Herbs and Aromatherapy Affect Our Minds and Bodies, by Erica Pence

Toiletries: The Henna Debate, by Tamara Dourney

In The Lab: Phototoxicity, by Dr. Robert McDaniel

Chandlers Corner: Candle Making Guide – Part 2, by Erica Pence

Working Smarter: Tools You Should Use, by Tamara Dourney

The Personal Touch: Scented Holiday Ornaments, by Christine Giaccone

A Soapmakers Notebook: Herb Monographs: Blue Lobelia and Unicorn Root, by Elizabeth Sockol
Raves For Faves – 2009 ‘Best of the Best’ Supplier Awards

Saponification Demystified – Part 1

Candy Cane Candles for the Holidays

Essentials: A Botanical Primer

Good Manufacturing Processes

Safety First: An Overview of Product Testing

Next Issue should be more fun! The theme is Home Care Products - (I'm writing the articles now). I'll be able to give some more recipes, besides just the candle tutorials. Later this month, I'll post my Candy Cane Candle tutorial. It's fun and easy.

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