Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Spotlight - Black Tie Affair

Now that I am back in the swing of things, I can get on with the Sunday Spotlight. This week's spotlight is black and white. I was thinking about those swanky parties for New Year's Eve. I don't go out on that night, but I dream about those fancy, formal, overpriced, black tie parties. I have to admit, the soaps and bath products by these artisans are just as good, if not better. Each artisan's name is a link to their site. Enjoy!

Milky Tea Soap by Long Winter Farm
Charming Velvet Fragrance by Theme Fragrance

Riceflower Soap by Pamper and Preen Charcoal Complexion Soap by Inner Earth Soaps

Aduwa Emulsifying Scrub by Gloilocks and BodyMrs. Zebra Soap by Epically Epic Soap

Charcoal and Clay Facial Mask by Dress GreenAnise Soap by Choice Soaps
Blue Sugar Soap by Burnt Mill
Zebra Facial Soap by BL Soaps
White Opium Soap by Beautiful Soaps
Phantasm Soap by Alchemic Muse

Next Sunday's Spotlight theme is True Blue. It's finally cooling off down here in the subtropics, and I've got blue and winter on my mind. If you have some blue products, share them at our Flickr Photo Pool (click here), & you could be featured in the next Sunday Spotlight.


  1. Gorgeous pics!

    You want cool? Come to's cold and snowy and just not fun. I will gladly trade with you :)

  2. Oh wow! some really beautiful soaps there, I really love that one with the blue in it.

  3. Beautiful soaps ... thanks for including mine amongst these lovelies! x

  4. Thanks for including Pamper&Preen Soaps, what a fab selection!

  5. Actually just found this post! Thank you so much for including Charming Velvet, and the company is terrific.


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