Monday, February 8, 2010

Love-ly Valentine Soap

Love is in the air! In celebration of Valentine's Day, I have gathered some fabulous soaps from some talented artisans. From simple to extravagant, I am sure you will enjoy this. Valentine bath products and candles will be featured later this week. Each artisans name is a link to their site.

English Rose Soap by A Breath of French Air Floral Truffle Soap by Urban Eden

Clearly Lovely Soapy Pop by SoapyLove

Valentine's Hearts by So Stinking Sweet

Love is in the Air Shaving Soap by Simple Delight

Captive Heart Soap by Silk Creek Soap

Fresh Cut Roses Soap by Sherri's Scents and Soys

Strawberries and Cream Soap by Lishus Handmade Soaps

Rose Geranium Soap by Ladybug Soapworks

Flowers and Chocolate Soap by Krugsecologic

My Heart Dark Chocolate Raspberry Soap by KB Shimmer

My Sweet Heart by Inner Earth Soaps

Rose Buds Soaps by I Like Pink Woo

Organic Heart Soap by Etta and Billie

Candy Hearts Felted Soap by Engelfelt

A Rose is a Rose Soap by A Slice of Delight

Be Mine Soap by Anhoki

Briar Rose Spa by Alchemic Muse

I'm always on the look out for gorgeous soaps and other bath products. If you have something you would like to show off, please add it to the Sunday Spotlight on Flickr (click here). We'd love to see what you've got. Be sure to include your web address so I can find you.

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  1. Very lovely soaps! The Fresh Cut Roses Soap by Sherri's Scents and Soys really caught my eye.

  2. These are beautiful. May I share them with my readers?

  3. Of course, Lori. I welcome any reader to repost any article on my blog provided a courtesy link back is included with the article. Thanks for asking!

    Dusty, Sherri's soap is definitely striking!

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous array of Valentine's soaps. I'm honoured that mine is amongst these lovelies, thank you! x

  5. Great preview of soaps Erica. You do know how to choose the most creative ones.
    Happy valentines day soapy lovers <3

  6. these soaps are beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us.


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