Friday, February 12, 2010

Product Review - Get Soaked!

Michelle over at Get Soaked (super cute name owned by a sweet lady) sent me a lovely body scrub last month to try, part of a new line added to her existing bath salts. She has also added some bubble baths and bath gels, all in yummy uplifting scents. Although I tried the the scrub right away, I was waiting until the holidays were over to give a fair feature of her product. So what did I think? Read on!

Company: Get Soaked!
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Product Reviewed: Moisturizing Body Scrub
Scent: Appletini
Product Link: Click here to purchase
Size: 9.5 oz
Price: $9.99

Description: Get Soaked body scrubs contain cocoa butter and grape seed oil. Cocoa butter is known to increase moisture in the skin and improve elasticity. Grape Seed Oil is high in vitamins and minerals which are known to improve moisture. This oil is absorbed well by the skin and will not leave you feeling greasy. These body scrubs will leave your skin feeling smooth, healthy and soft.

First Impressions: Get Soaked's bath salts arrived carefully packaged. The scrub comes in an 9.5oz plastic tub-safe jar. The label is fresh and clean with a simple, playful bubble design. The lovely Appletini scent can only be described as fun and fresh. However, if I am going to be honest, my initial impression was skeptical. I hear your shocked intake of breath. Allow me to explain.

The Experience: I was pleasantly surprised once I delved into the jar. You see, I am used to larger, perhaps courser, sugar in all of the scrubs I have tried. Get Soaked's scrub is made with a very fine sugar. The consistency is also thinner than the other scrubs I have tried. My guess was that this was going to make my tub into a slip and slide and not allow me to seriously slough. So you see, my prejudices led me to be skeptical. Boy, was I wrong!

This turned out to be one of the best sugar scrubs I personally have tried in my years of hoarding bath products. (I have other favs, but this is right up there with the best). There's your sigh of relief. In fact, I keep having to take it back from my theiving nine-year-old, who thinks the scrub should be hers on the basis that I have enough bath stuff, and the fact that she loves the fun Appletini scent.

The tiny sugar granules sloughed just as well as the courser sugars without the harshness, and the thinner consistency allowed for a very nice spreadability across the skin. Plus I didn't experience that extra scouring from scrubs that are too thick and dry. It was easy to use and caused no slick in my shower. Furthermore, my skin was left feeling soft and soothed, without the greasy feeling of some scrubs, with a very light scent remaining for some time after the bath. With 13 different fragrances, there is a scent for everyone.

For those of you looking to try a nice uplifting sugar scrub, head on over to and try one for yourself. Be sure to fan her on Facebook. Keep up the good work, Michelle!

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