Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Embedded Candle Tutorial (Variation)

A great variation to this tutorial is to give the embedded chunks some shape. When you are ready to cut your chunks, instead of using a paring knife to cut squares, use a small cookie cutter and cut the sheet of wax into hearts or other desired shapes.

There is more than one variation you can choose to do. You can fill your mold or container with the heart shapes and pour your final wax over the top. Or you can try another variation, which works great in a container or a molded candle.

After cutting a few heart shapes, set them on a warm pan until they melt slightly. Press the melted side of the heart shape on to the inside of the container. It should cool and hold in place.

When your shapes are all set, pour your final wax. The shapes will appear perfectly on the outer side of the candle. You can change the shapes and colors to make new candle variations. Make gingerbread embedded candles near the Christmas holidays, shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, bats in your Halloween candles or red and blue stars for Independence Day. You can even mix different shapes together to create one of a
kind designs.

You can also layer the candles. Just use smaller amounts of wax for each color. Do not mix your chunks or shapes. Instead place your first color of chunks or shapes into your mold, partially filling it. Add another color for the next layer and so on. Then pour your final wax.

You also do not have to use white for your final pour. Choose any complementary color. If you layer a candle with different final pours, you would place your first layer of chunks in the mold. Then pour a layer of your desired colored wax over the chunks just covering them. Allow to cool. Add each new layer of chunks and colored wax to achieve a lovely layered embedded candle.

Embedded candles are lots of fun to make. You can also get very creative and design embedded candles with various shapes and color combinations with endless possibilities.

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  1. Great tutorial - such an easy way to dress up plain candles. =)


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