Thursday, March 11, 2010

Properly Storing Your Herbs and Botanicals

Storing Herbs and Botanicals

Most dried herbs and botanicals have a shelf life of one year. However, if you do not store your dried plants properly they will degrade a lot sooner. Do NOT store your dried herbs and flowers in plastic containers. Many herbal or soap suppliers will ship botanicals and herbs in resealable plastic storage bags. You will need to remove them from the plastic bags and store them in glass or metal containers. You should also avoid wooden containers.

Glass jars in cobalt, amber or frosted glass are ideal. Light will quickly degrade your dried plants, but these jars will block out the light. You will need to make some labels for the jars so you know which herbs or flowers are in each jar. Be sure to include the date harvested. Usually a supplier will provide an expiration date. You can also use canning jars or other clear glass containers. This will allow you to see the herbs or flowers, but they will need to stay in a dark room or cabinet.

Avoid moisture, light and heat. Do not store these items in the freezer, as this will potentially allow moisture to form when removing it from the refrigerator, which can cause mold and ruin your natural ingredients.

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