Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is this really possible?

All right, I know I've been super busy lately, and I have neglected to blog. But could I have really gone a MONTH without posting something? That seems so hard to believe. I thought for sure it was like 1-2 weeks, but surely not a whole month!! Well, I'm gonna have to knock that off and give you guys some regular love and attention. I'm actually a little embarrassed. I usually keep up with things. Oh well. At least I am here now, right?

So what posts are coming up? Well, let's see here.

1. I already promised to post some photos from my trip to St. Augustine, FL.
2. Soap and bath products reviews
3. Soap book reviews
4. Tutorial on soaps using alcohols - beer, wine, hard liquor
5. Feature on a soap insurance company
6. Recipes
7. HSMG conference details
8. Soap porn
9. Lots more
10. Plus I was given an award, in spite of my blog slacking - details to come
11. I think we need a giveaway, too.

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