Thursday, April 15, 2010

Product Review - Soaps and Bubbles

I love getting packages from other countries. And I love when those packages from other countries contain soaps. There are subtle differences between countries that somehow make the products more special. Needless to say I was especially thrilled to receive a package containing two lovely soaps from Soaps and Bubbles in Belgium. Along with the soaps was a lovely 2 page hand written letter in PERFECT penmanship. I'm always envious of nice handwriting, as my own is atrocious.
The letter gave a full introduction to Yohi, the creative force behind Soaps and Bubbles, with a a description of her business and everything. I discovered Yohi of Soaps and Bubbles from her blog. It is currently her only online presence. Her soaps are sold exclusively in person at this time. But you can visit her blog to see her products and events in her little area of the world. She mailed me two bars of her soaps to try and I can hardly wait to share them with you all.
Company: Soaps and Bubbles
Website (blog):

Product Reviewed: Soaps
Scent: Lime Twist
and Cinnamon vs. Vanilla

Description: Both of Yohi's cold-processed soaps are made using olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and castor oil and fragrances. Lime Twist was layered with turquoise and ivory, while the Cinnamon vs. Vanilla was a fitting brown sprinkled with cinnamon and topped with a cinnamon stick.

First Impressions: Soaps and Bubbles soaps arrived carefully packaged. The soaps were wrapped in a very nice tan paper with the signature Soaps and Bubbles label. The label is a lovely design using vintage black and white art. As I said, the package arrived with a lovely note about Yohi and her business.

The Experience: The scents were quite lovely and unexpected. The Lime Twist smells like...well, lime but something more. It's actually a very alluring manly scent, but not so much so a woman couldn't use it. The Cinnamon vs. Vanilla is difficult to describe. It does not smell like your classic cinnamon scent that reminds one of the kitchen or fall. Instead it can only be described as a cinnamon perfume, if that makes sense. It's a delicious scent. Both soaps were very nice and not overpowering. I would rank the scent at a moderate level, as opposed to light or strong. It was just right.
Both bars had a creamy, rich lather and made my skin feel soft and moisturized. The bar sizes were decent as well. The Cinnamon vs. Vanilla soap seems to have a very light exfoliating quality, too. Both soaps were attractive and a pleasure to use.

Yohi is a young and vibrant new soapmaker building her soap business one step at a time in Belgium. She is very personable, too. It is always nice to try things made by passionate artisans and Yohi's soaps are sure to delight. Belgium is lucky to have Soaps and Bubbles. Be sure to follow Yohi's blog.

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