Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Spotlight - Rustic and Primitive Soaps

I find rustic and primitive soaps equally as artistic as intricately made soaps. From charming farm style soaps to country primitive soaps, rustic style is still as popular as ever. They look natural and somehow like a piece of history. Enjoy this fabulous collection of rustic and primitive soap artisans. As always, the name of the artisan is a link to their webpage.

Amazon Teak and Cedar Soap by Vistah Soap

Primitive Handmade Chocolate Lye Soap by The Country Crock
Rustic Herbal Farmstead Soap - Chamomile Ginger by Sweet Nettle

Natural Orange Peel Soap by Seven Oak Farm

Honey Soap by Pudleduk Soap Co.
Wild Sage Natural Soap by Obella Naturals
Gingersnap Soap by Lily Pond Soaps
Primitive Wool Felted Soap by Jujo Primitives
Lavender Goat Milk Soap by Goats and Soaps
Cardamom Cafe Milk Soap by Full Moon Milk Soaps
Fresh Nasturitium Flower Milk Soap by Ecofarm FL
Natural Rosemary Soap by Birch Berry Farms

Next week's theme is clean and simple. If your products fit the bill for next week's theme, be sure to include them on the Sunday Spotlight Flickr Photo Pool. When sharing your item on the pool, be sure to list your website so I can link the photo to your site. You can actually post any bath products and candle photos you would like to share. It doesn't have to match the current theme.
The Bonnie Bath Co.
Natural, handmade bath and body products


  1. Great choices! I really love the look of the Natural Orange Peel one-reminds me of a biscotti:)

  2. Umm, nice! I really like the look of that Cardamom Cafe Milk Soap.

  3. Yeah! Sunday Spotlights are back! Is that a real flower embedded in the Nasturtium soap??


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