Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Book Review: Soap and Cosmetic Labeling

While I attended the HSMG Conference earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend the Soap and Cosmetic Labeling lecture by Marie Gale, which highlights some very important labeling guidelines set forth by the FDA and other governing organizations. While the course was very brief, it was enough to get me to buy Marie's book, and then give it a review. So here's my opinion...

Title: Soap and Cosmetic Labeling: How to Follow the Rules and Regs Explained in Plain English
Author: Marie Gale
Copyright: 2010; 2008
Price: $24.95
Format: 183 page softcover book

Overview: This book is a reference on the rules and regulations for labeling soap and cosmetics. Gale walks you through the details of labeling requirements in plain English as set forth by the Food and Drug Administration, Fair Product and Labeling Act, Uniform Packaging and Labeling Regulations, and state laws. She also includes appendixes for cosmetic color additives, INCI names for common ingredients, restricted and prohibited ingredients and metric conversions.

Review: I have to admit, I'm rather pleased with this book and highly recommend it for all bath and body companies. Gale is thorough and covers every possible labeling question for those companies in the United States. She claims that the guidelines are described in plain English in her book, and they really are simple to follow. Diagrams are included. The text is informative, detailed and concise, yet easy to understand. It is a great reference to have on your shelf, and can be easily used as a quick guide to specific questions you may have. The book is really for those in the United States. If you sell overseas, or live outside the United States, it may not cover all of the rules and regulations in your country. The price may be a little steep for a paperback, however, the cost is a drop in the bucket compared to the potential legal fees you could encounter by misinterpreting the labeling rules yourself, as so many of us do. All in all, this is an excellent reference book.

Website: http://www.mariegale.com/
Book can be purchased here: http://www.forsoapmakers.com/books/
or at http://www.brambleberry.com/

More book reviews coming soon!

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  1. This is one that I know I need to add to my library...

  2. Thanks so much for the very nice review!

    Marie Gale

  3. Definitely, Amy. I learned some good information myself. Even seasoned pros can benefit.

    Gale, you are very welcome. Just being honest here. It's a well written, great reference, and coming from a former librarian, that's saying something. :-)

  4. My mother love cosmetic product and she love this for sure.Will certainly visit your site more often now.



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