Thursday, June 3, 2010

Leaf Wrapped Candle

Here’s a decorative candle that anybody can make, including children. It doesn’t involve a stove or hot wax, but still creates a stunning candle display.

Supplies needed:
Skeleton leaves – enough to cover container
Glass candle container – straight like a votive holder
White candle that will fit container

Measure each leaf to the glass container. Leaves can extend ½ in along the top. The rest will need to be trimmed from the bottom. Place a thin line of glue from the top of the glass to the bottom. Position the vein of the leaf over the glass and press to adhere. Repeat this process with the remaining leaves, slightly overlapping each leaf. You may need to tack down the leaf edges with glue as well. Take the length of raffia and tie it around the center of the glass container, holding the leaves in place. Tie a knot and double the raffia back on itself and tie another knot on the opposite side of the glass container. Trim the ends. Place the candle into the glass container and enjoy!

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