Monday, June 7, 2010

Question of the Week - Soap Molds

Last week, I asked you all about your favorite soap cutters, and found that your willingness to share was very helpful to me and probably to others. So I decided I would ask a different question each week. I think the answers will be very helpful for all blog followers, so please share your experiences when it applies to you. And check the responses when you are interested in learning about a particular topic.

This week's question:

Do you use a linerless log or slab mold? If so, which one and why do you like or dislike it? Or do prefer to line your molds and why?

Please post your replies. If you have a burning question, email me and I'll post it for everyone.

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  1. I would loooove to find a good liner-less mold in both log and slab models! It would be great to eliminate the middle (lining) step. Crossing my fingers for lots of replies to your post!!

  2. Because I'm frugal....and my hubby is a talented woodworker....he makes my log molds, and I must line them. I have that part down to a science though! :)

  3. Using round 3 inch PVC molds right now, would like to add a linerless rectangular

  4. I just ran across your blog on Google Reader and subscribed. I have a soap business and sell on Etsy under the name Where Water Comes Down. I wish I could keep up with the blog as well but oh well! Anyway on to your question. I have used several plastic molds like in your photo and struggled to get the soap out after. I have not tried the silicone liners yet but do use my own homemade wood molds and have found they are my favorites by far! I have decided that I can deal with lining them with freezer paper so I don't really mind it now. The plastic molds (I ignored this warning) sag and warp. I made a big investment and now I wish I had listened to everyone who warned me. Oh well, live and learn! Looking forward to following your blog.

  5. I used freeze lined log mold for the last few years...and I HATED lining. Loathed it.
    I researched (and saved $$) for about a year to find a replacement system...

    And here is what I learned:
    *Lots of people had issues with the soap sticking/taring with divided molds
    *Silicone molds are spendy up front
    *High Density molds (like in the photo above) people said they tend to warp, sag, some scents/colors would 'stick' with the mold, ect

    So in the end I stuck with the silicone lined wood mold...but the only options there were slab molds...and Lodry! I had NO clue how I could cut them or even what size I would need.

    Finally I had to break it all down as to what size bars I wanted and then figure out which molds would give me those sizes. I also had to factor in what my current equipment could handle without having to invest in even more stuff (larger pots, industrial stick blender, ect)

    Sorry for the small novel. Lol. But I did do a LOT of research into it and figured it would be helpful for someone else to see all the steps while trying to figure out what they will need out of their molds :-)

  6. personaly I use a wine wood box that i line with wax paper (haven't find freezer paper in canada yet). But I dream about this particular mold :

    from all my research it seems to be the best, but I havn't tried it though.

    Appearently you can unmold the High density molds easily if you wait one extra day and/or put the mold in the freezer prior to unmolding.

  7. Best molds in the world!! No liner needed. These can be found either at or by searching ebay store "mrdoright123" I am a repeat, repeat, repeat customer, great price, quick shipping, life long mold!

  8. I ordered the set of the two HDPE no line molds that you show in the above picture, they are the 5-6 lb. molds. They work o.k., but I'm hooked on silicone molds. I'm trying to find the best place to sell the HDPE molds. If anyone wants to purchase my two molds like the one above (I only used them twice), please let me know-I did order them from ebay/mrdoright123. My email is if anyone is interested in purchasing them cheaper from me. Happy soaping!

  9. I went to a kitchen outlet and bought a bunch of the thin/flimsy type cutting boards, since my molds break down I just cut the cutting boards to fit each side bottom an back I have not had any trouble with sticking or leaking! I do however use some tape on the back of the cutting board toward the top not to where my soap reaches. Just to hold firmly in place very easy clean up, I have different colors for each mold.


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