Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Spotlight - Pretty in Pink

It's time for Sunday Spotlight, and today we have bath and body products and candles in the color pink (my daughter's favorite). I love to see all of the amazing shades of pink and the styles and scents that are paired with a color. These talented artisans created some pretty in pink products, so enjoy!

Pink Sugar Soap by Wicked Soaps
Pretty in Pink Soap by The Pink Sink

Sweet and Sassy Soap by Great Cakes Soapworks

Age of Innocence Soap by Swan Mountain Soaps

Strawberry Shortcake Sugar Scrub Cubes by Smokey Mountain Scents

The Queens Garden by Satin and Birch

Crema de Coco by Sapo-onis

Bella's Wedding Day Sugar Scrub by Pink Parchment Soaps

Creme Brulee by Pink Dotted Owl
Blood and Roses Soap by Naiad

Watermelon Bath Bombs by Layla
Palm Wax Ritual Candles by Goddess Magic Garden
Rose Honey Facial Masque by Faerie Made

Rosa Lip Balm by Epically Epic

Lychee Red Tea Rooibos Soap by Clean Queen Soap Co.
Bamboo Sugarcane Poppy Seed Soap by Boondock G
Sweet Venom Lip Gloss by BL Soaps
Herbal Essence Soap by Beautiful Soaps
Berry Cream Soap by Alchemic Muse

Pomegranate Blossom by Abbey James

Next week's Sunday Spotlight is Caribbean - both colors and scents. I've got tropical summer on my mind lately. If your products fit the bill, be sure to add them to our Flickr Photo Pool and include your website address with your photo so we can find you.

And, I am excited to tell you guys that very soon, I will be doing an Around the World Sunday Spotlight Tour (well, a virtual tour). Each week we will visit a different continent and showcase artisans in those areas of the world. It should be a lot of fun and we'll get to see some new and different works of soap art. So if you or someone you know makes bath and beauty products outside the US, either email me a link to the website or post some photos on the Flickr Photo Pool. Details coming soon, so don't wait to introduce your products to me.

Natural, handmade bath and body products


  1. Thanks for featuring my Sweet & Sassy soap! :) Lots of pink loveliness here!!

  2. Talk about talent! some of these soaps are truly beautiful, really gorgeous ladies!


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