Thursday, July 1, 2010

July/August Saponfier Issue Available

The new Saponifier magazine issue is out, and it's jam packed with some really good information you don't want to miss.

This issue's theme is Rules and Regulations with the following articles:

  • Scientific Soapmaking Do You Know the Science Behind Your Soap?, by Beth Byrne

  • Titania’s Dreamy Delights, by Lindalu Forseth

  • Natural Ingredient Terms, Regulations, and Governing Bodies Explained, by Erica Pence

  • Believe it or Not: A Cosmetics Ingredients Quiz, by Cindy Noble

  • I Should Have Known Better, by Dr. Robert McDaniel

  • Seascape Gel Candles, by Erica Pence

  • Your Business- Fulfillment or Frustration, by Alexander Sherman

  • Freezer Paper Stencil, by Rachel Wolf

  • Herb Monographs: Cleavers & Lady’s Mantle, by Elizabeth Sockol

  • Understanding Good Manufacturing Practices: Using Voluntary Implementation To Improve Your Business, by Marla Bosworth

  • Souvenir Soaps, by Tamara Dourney

  • Eight Rules for Running An Online Business, by Stacy Reckard

  • OSHA Compliance: Guidelines For A Safer Workplace, by Tamara Dourney

  • 2010 HSMG Annual Conference a Huge Success, by Erica Pence

  • Exclusive Subscriber Discounts, News, Letters, Events, and More!

If you want to learn more about this issue, a subscription, or back issues of the magazine, be sure to visit the website by visiting

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