Saturday, August 21, 2010

Contest Winners - Botanicals and Herbs

First I would like to thank everyone for reading this blog. I greatly appreciate those of you that let me know specific topics you like to read about. It will help with future posts.

On to the winners...

It looks like Courtney R Beard and Lynda are winners of the Botanicals and Herbs Sampler. Congratulations! You have one week to email me with your address. If I do not hear from you by Sat, Aug. 28th, I will draw another winner.

Thanks for participating. I have another contest coming up very soon. Remember, if you would like to purchase a sampler set of botanicals and herbs, it is $10 plus shipping. For more information click here.

The Bonnie Bath Co.
Natural, handmade bath and body products


  1. Congratulations ladies, if I lived closer I would have tried my luck too:)

  2. AromaBeauty, please join our contests next time. I do not mind sending items overseas.


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