Sunday, August 8, 2010

Natural Ingredient Terms, Regulations, & Governing Bodies Explained - Part 6 - Final Note

Since some of the terms (natural, organic, fair trade, sustainable) discussed in these recent posts are regulated, you should further educate yourself about the appropriate use of the terms on your packaging and advertisements. For unregulated terms, it is a good practice to educate your customers on how your business meets these terms since many consumers are realizing that these terms are thrown around all too often inappropriately.

For example, if you consider your business to be sustainable or green, state why on your advertisements. Perhaps you use palm oil that is taken from a farm versus the rain forest, or you work with natural lighting in your place of business and run a paperless office. Letting your customers know how or why your products or company meet the requirements, definitions, and in some cases, your view of a term establishes trust and customer loyalty.

For further information, see the following websites:

Federal Drug Administration
United States Department of Agriculture (National Organic Program)
Consumers Union
Natural Ingredient Resource Center
European Fair Trade Association
FLO International
World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Natural, handmade bath and body products

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  1. Thanks so much for the invaluable lessons. I can't begin to tell you how may shops and/or products I've seen on the web that tout how "natural" or "organic" they are, then when I read the ingredients, it speaks a totally different story!


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