Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Question of the Week - Soaps and Candles

There are many of the same techniques that can be used in both soaps and in candles - layering, embedding, making scenes in gel candles, etc. Additionally, candles are often associated with relaxing in the tub. Since there is a clear connection between these two crafts (or artforms if you prefer), here is this week's question...

Do you make soaps, candles or both? Please tell us what type of soap (CP, MP...) and what type of candles you make (votives, soy tins, gel...). If you only make one, have you ever been intersted in trying out the other?

Natural, handmade bath and body products

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  1. Hi Erica, I only make CP soap but have though about trying to make candles, I got as far as buying a book on how to do it and thought it sounded a bit hard at the time. I never got back to it as making my soaps seems to keep me busy, if I ever got the time to make them, I'd like to make ones with only EO's as I like them best. Love the colour of that pink soap, it's so pretty.


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