Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Spotlight - Around the World Tour - Soaps in Africa

Unfortunately, I had great difficulty finding soap actually made in Africa. I imagine that a combination of very little internet access and the lack of good search tags is preventing me from finding soaps without going through hundreds of Google search pages. However, not to leave you all disappointed, I do follow a company in the UK called Shea Butter Cottage.

Shea Butter Cottage's owner, Akua Wood, is a native of Ghana in West Africa. Although she currently resides in the UK, she has a relationship with a small group of women in Ghana that make some of the soap she sells. She pays them fairly for their handmade soap and does a significant amount of service to help these women grow their business.

Akua also markets her products for women in Africa or of African decent, tailoring products for this ethnicity's skin and hair types. Therefore, even though Akua is not currently in Africa, I would love to feature some of her products which are from Africa or made for Africans.

Enjoy these images from Shea Butter Cottage. Be sure to follow Akua's blog, as well (click here).

The Around the World tour continues next Sunday Spotlight featuring Asian soaps. If you are a soapmaker in Asia or would like to recommend a site you've stumbled upon, please let me know.

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  1. Unless I'm mistaken, Patti Flynn is a soapmaker living in Asia. She may be a neat one to feature.

  2. I believe Patti Flynn resides in Australia and exports quantities of soap to Asia.

  3. I didn't think about how difficult it might be to find soaps made in Africa... You've come up with a great solution though!

  4. Ah I see. I thought there was an Asian connection somehow.

  5. Thanks ladies, I will flag her site for a future Sunday Spotlight.


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