Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MIA No More - At Least For Awhile

OK, so I went MIA for awhile. It's just been incredibly busy this month. September always is. I increased hours at my day job, went out of town for a few days, finally decided on a design for my website, and my daughter had a birthday. She's now in double digits, the big 1-0. So between prepping for her birthday and toting her to a ridiculous number of dance classes and auditions, I have had my hands quite full.

Now let me take a couple of seconds to brag about my little girl. I promise it will be short - and this is my first time doing so here. She takes a lot of dance classes every week. She also competes in Scottish Highland dancing, and is back on the dance team, which results in many shows in the community and this year on a cruise. But the big news is she auditioned for the Nutcracker Ballet and was cast as a polichinelle with the Miami City Ballet and will perform in a multi-million dollar production at the Kravis Center at all 4 shows. So we're pretty excited, but that means practices every weekend. And it's exhausting, well it is for me at least. There, I'm done. :-)

Needless to say, I've been hard pressed for some time. What little time I do have between chauffeuring, working, running a business, writing, cooking, cleaning, teaching, etc. is spent on the couch in a catatonic state with my daughter's puppy - did I mention we've been taking her to puppy classes, too? However, I am pushing myself back in the groove. After all, this is an outlet and I enjoy it.

So here's what's coming up....
  • Sunday Spotlight World Tour - this Sunday showcasing Asia
  • Mid-week spotlights featuring Halloween and Fall
  • Tutorial for a Citrus Sunrise soap - it's easy
  • New recipes
  • Business tips
  • A survey
  • And more

So stay tuned.

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  1. Welcome back!! And congrats to your daughter - that's very impressive!


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