Saturday, October 2, 2010

Question of the Week - Biggest Soap Mistake

This week's question is...

What was your biggest soapmaking mistake? A mstake that will go down in the history books from shocking to horrifying to funny. Let us know by posting below.

I'll start by sharing my own big mistake, since some of you may be shy with sharing this one...I once got a tiny speck of lye on my dry lips (you know how it comes in the tiny crystals that can become airborn). I went to moisten my lips when I got the shock of my life - a chemical burn on my tongue. Luckily I was quick to stick my tongue under running water and then tried gargling with vinegar. After nearly losing my lunch to the vinegar gargle, the burning sensation settled down. Within an hour, the burn was gone and my mouth was back to normal. I'm sure you can picture the scene unrolling. It was quite the spectacle.

Now it's your turn.

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  1. My biggest mistake wasn't actually a mistake, but equipment failure. I once had a stick blender snap in half in the middle of mixing a large batch of soap. Needless to say the white studio walls were covered in bright blue splatters of raw soap. Luckily I jumped out of the way of the splatter and only my shoes were covered in blue soap. The one good thing is that after I let the soap on the walls and floor sit overnight it cleaned up like a breeze. Lesson not use a bargain blender on large batches of soap. Invest in a sturdy industrial stick blender. :)

  2. I created two oil slicks in one day - just last week actually. I order my oils in bulk, so I needed to pour the rice bran oil into a gallon jug. Well, the big jug slipped out of my hand as I was pouring and the oil splattered all over my jeans and one tennis shoe. Plus all over the dining room floor, which happens to be wood, so it was pretty easy to clean up.

    Next, I was going to refill my castor oil. The larger container has a spigot, but it runs rather slowly, so I set it up and left it - meaning to return. Well, you can guess what happened. What a waste!

  3. My big mistake was when I left the olive oil out of a soap recipe because it was warming in the microwave. That batch was definitely a bit too lye heavy.


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