Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Café Latte Soap Recipe

Café Latte Soap – 4lbs

By weight unless otherwise stated
17 oz Coconut oil 76°
17 oz Olive oil
8 oz Palm oil
8 oz Goat’s milk, frozen, by volume
8 oz Coffee with distilled water, by volume
6.2 oz Sodium hydroxide
2 oz Vanilla essential oil, by volume
1/3 cup Coffee grounds, by volume

Follow cold-process soap safety. Mix oils and melt, then allow to cool to 110-120 degrees F. Make 8 oz of strong coffee using distilled water. Mix the lye with the coffee and allow the temperature to cool to approximately 150 degrees F. Then add the lye/coffee mixture to the frozen goat’s milk and blend until the temperature is 110-120 degrees F. Add in lye solution and mix with stick blender. As mixture thickens, add coffee grounds and scent at trace. Pour into mold and allow to set and cure.

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  1. Love coffee soap!! I keep getting new comments from customers on what they are using it for. It definitely washes away smells from your hands. I've recently added photo developing chemicals to the list of smells it gets rid of! I'd love to try it out on skunk smell some time. What are the chances???

  2. Oh my goodness!Sounds fabulous - I will be so making that soap. Thanks for the recipe!:)

  3. Amy, just send your girls out to play in the woods...they're bound to come back smelling like skunk (or something) and you can put your coffee soap to the test. :-) Just kidding. Your girls are good helpers but probably shouldn't be subjected to the testing ideas we come up with...although I would like to know if coffee gets rid of skunk smell now.

    Tierra, let us know how your coffee latte comes out. I have a feeling you will make this soap look stunning based on your other beauties. Have fun with it.

  4. Love it! Thanks for recipe. It will go nicely with my soap cake variety! Yum

  5. what a nice recipe! I'm sitting here visualizing, reading the instruction. and wondering if this was a typo.... if you have already mixed the lye with the coffee..... cooled added to frozen milk. the next sentence of Add in lye solution and mix with stick blender. was this supposed to of been the oils ?

    1. Not a typo, but I was a little unclear. You add the lye mixture to the milk. Then you take the entire lye mixture and add it to the oils and use the stick blender.

  6. This soap looks wonderful! I would love to make this but need to substitute something for the coconut oil (due to allergy), what would you success?

    1. A great substitute for coconut oil is Babassu oil, and since it has the same SAP value, you can substitute it for coconut oil in any recipe. Palm Kernel oil is also a good substitute but has a different SAP value, so you have to tweak the formula in a soap calculator if you use it.

  7. I'm new at soap making, but was wondering about one specific part of your instructions. I thought your lye mixture was never supposed to be warmer than your oils... Any thoughts or questions?

    1. Your lye water mixture can be warmer than your oils AND your oils can be warmer than your lye. Either way works, however, I suggest getting the two close to the same temp when you are a beginner.

      Now in this recipe, I see where your confusion comes in. I am taking the 150 degree lye water and adding it to the frozen milk. As the two interact the temp will be brought to about or below the temp of the oils by the time you blend everything together. Does that make sense?

  8. can I replace the goats milk with coconut milk?


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