Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lemon Lime Lip Balm Recipe

Lemon Lime Lip Balm

8 tsp Sweet almond oil
2 tsp Beeswax
1 tsp Honey
5 drops Lemon essential oil
5 drops Lime essential oil

Melt oil, beeswax and honey together. Add scent and pour into lip balm containers.

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  1. Hi Erica,
    Thank you so much for all the wonderful recipes you've been sharing! I've been having issues with melting honey into the oils... Any suggestions?

  2. Are you using the beeswax pastilles or larger pieces? The pastilles or even the pellets are tiny enough that they should melt easily.

    I would suggest melting the beeswax by itself first, until it's completely melted, in a double boiler or similar. Then add your oils and/or honey to the melted wax.

    That should do the trick. Let me know how things go.

  3. Thank you so much for the super quick reply! Somehow I though I've posted a new comment, but it didn't go through.. Hmm...

    Anyway, I am sorry but I think I wan't too clear in my question - the melting issue I am having it not with beeswax, but with honey. It stays undisolved, granulas-like in the melted oils and wax mixture... I tried melting honey together with oils/beeswax and I tried adding it in the end, but the result is always the same... Please let me know if there is any trick for blending honey into the mixture!
    Thanks a lot once again,

  4. Hi,
    I'm also having trouble with the honey. It melts and mixes fine with the oil and beeswax but when the mixture solidifies the honey comes out of the mixture and forms a layer underneath the lip balm. Any suggestions?


  5. I don't use lip balm recipes with honey for that reason as I've never been able to get it to work. Try the recipe without the honey.

  6. You can decrease the amount of honey if needed, but the trick is to whisk it and pour quickly into the first balm, whisk it, pour, and keep this up until you are done pouring all balms.

  7. could you use these ingredients with other essential oil flavors?

    1. There are few essential oils that can be used safely on the lips. You'll have to look it up. I know lavender is good, and I would assume that orange is OK, but you'll need to verify that they are skin safe and use a similar amount of EOs shown in the recipe. Do you have a specific EO in mind?


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