Friday, December 3, 2010

Guilded Illuminations - Decorating Candles in Metallics - Part 2

Another way to add a metallic finish to candles is by applying metallic or gold leaf. Gold leaf can be purchased at most craft stores. You can completely cover the candles in gold leaf, or use strips and flecks of gold leaf to create different effects and patterns on the candle. Gold leaf does come in other colors, such as silver and copper, and it also does not have to be actual gold; it can be artificial, also known as “Dutch leaf”.

To guild your candle with metallic or gold leaf, you can use two simple techniques. If you are using small flecks or strips of leaf, rub a glue stick on the candle and adhere the flecks to the glue. If using larger sheets, or prefer not to use glue, try placing the leaf on the candle and smooth it with a dry paintbrush. Then take a spoon, dip it in boiling water, dry it off, and place the hot spoon over the gold leaf, smoothing it over the leaf. This will melt the wax just enough to adhere to the metallic leaf. After the gold leaf has been applied using either method, you will need to paint over the gold leafed area with candle varnish to protect the metallic.

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  1. These are so beautiful Erica, they'd look fantastic on a table for Christmas.

  2. These are perfect for Christmas or for unwinding after a stressful day.

  3. Beautiful and interesting way to give texture and interest to plain candles.


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