Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beeswax Candles - Part 3 - Rolled Taper Candles

Rolled Beeswax Taper

1 sheet of natural beeswax
Wick for 1 inch diameter candle, primed
Metal ruler
Cutting board

Prepare the wick by cutting a length of wicking appropriate to your candle size. Lay the sheet of beeswax on the cutting board. Place ruler diagonally across the sheet about ½ inch away from each corner. Cut along the ruler with the knife. Lay the primed wick along the edge of the uncut short side of the beeswax sheet. Leave about ½ inch of wick protruding on one end of the sheet.

Turn the first ¼ inch of the sheet over the wick and press it down tightly all along its length. Roll the sheet up keeping it as tight as possible as you go. Then press all along the end of the rolled sheet to seal the edge of the candle. You now have a taper candle.

Image provided by Homemade Serenity.  I encourage you to check out Danita's blog where she provides step-by-step instructions with photos for making rolled beeswax tapers.

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  1. It's crucial to get the right materials ready and clear instructions as stated above before start making any candle. To make some lovely rolled beeswax tapers, choose your desired colors of 100% beeswax sheets.


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