Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Big News - Well for Me It Is

We're relocating to NC in early June. This is a big move for a native South Floridian who just saw snow for the first time ever about 2 weeks ago. I'm both excited and nervous. So what's that got to do with you or with soap...a few things, actually.

1. I'm going to be selling some of my supplies/packaging (a soaper's garage sale). I have done some refining in the packaging I am choosing and the direction I am taking. This means I will have some molds, bottles, jars, supplies, etc. up for grabs at a discount. I will be listing them on my Etsy page, so stay tuned for a list of items you may be interested in for use in your own business in the next few days.

2. I will not be attending the HSMG soap conference this year. Yes, I know, it's right in my backyard. But I will be WAY too busy getting ready for my move to attend. I'm sorry I'll miss seeing some of you there, but I should be at the next one.

3. I've already been posting less lately (which is temporary), and that will continue for the next few months. My posts will most likely be sporadic and grouped in spurts, but don't worry - I'm not going anywhere and you'll still see my articles in the Saponifier, too.
So there's my big news. Wish me luck in keeping my sanity!
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  1. Yeah!! I hope it is a good move for you, Erica! I'm sure you are looking forward to the part where you are all settled into the new place. :)


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