Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blog Roll Update

I dropped 60 blogs from my Google Reader the other day. That's right, 60 and it still seems like I still have a billion. I don't read everything everyone posts, but I definitely read headlines and see if something interests me.

I chopped these 60 blogs because they haven't posted in months or there is not enough material that interests me, mostly being the former. You can see the blogs I follow on my blog roll in the right hand column.  Please excuse our blog designing dust.  We are working on making some big changes and we are not through yet, so don't be too critical yet.  Our final unveiling should occur in the next few days.

Why have a blog roll? It's good networking. I have found many blogs through other people and have made new contacts and friends that way. You might be thinking that putting your competitors' blogs on your own blog is bad business. It's not for several reasons.

1. Those of us looking for good blogs will find them one way or another. It'll just take a little longer.

2. It establishes you as actively participating in the soaping community. It shows the bath companies that have blogs you like, giving you a little more credibility.

3. Sharing information is a positive thing. Perhaps you have great soaps, but no recipes or no melt and pour ideas, why not share them?

4. You gain visibility. It is common practice to reciprocate links, especially in blog rolls.

5. Networking is important to business. You never know what business contact you will make just by networking with others within your industry. In fact, when I get emails or calls from people looking for a vendor in the area or wanting something I don't carry, I send them to one of the other people in my network of blogs. And why not? I can't help the person with their needs, but I know exactly who makes what they want. My referral makes me look professional and knowledgeable.

Just something to think about. In the meantime, look at my blog roll for other blogs you might like to follow.

Do you not see your name in the blog roll, yet you have an active blog (meaning you post at least once every other month)? Post a link to your blog below, so I and others can find you.

Are you on my blog roll? Consider reciprocating the link. Let's all share information and grow as a soapy blogging community.


  1. Hi Erica,
    I like and fully support your statement. If we stand together as a whole we are able to make a bigger impact as well. By giving as much publicity to the art of handmade soap crafting as possible it will become more embedded in a large part of our community.
    If you are interested in following my blog I invite you to visit me on
    Warm regards, Sonja

  2. Thanks for following, Sonja. Your blog looks great and has been added to my blog list. I am excited to watch what you are up to and hope others will check your blog out as well.


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