Monday, March 7, 2011

SOAP - Brambleberry's Soap Panel - First Impressions

Brambleberry requested panelists for their second round of fragrance tests, and I was lucky enough to be picked along with 6 other lovely ladies.

We are testing 10 floral fragrances. I finally got my package today. I'm about as far from Brambleberry's warehouse you can get and still be in the same country, so I always have to try to be patient and it isn't always easy. I've been stalking the the Fedex man for days.

Being on the panel gives me an excellent opportunity to share with you my experiences with the fragrances.

Since these are florals, there are 3 gardenia scents and the rest are mystery floral scents. My favorite flowers in the world are gardenias, so I am SUPER critical of all synthetic versions of this incredible flower, but I will try to be objective.

I found I was having a problem getting a true idea of the scent straight from the bottle (plus I was getting a big headache), so I placed a few drops of each scent on it's own cotton ball and allowed the scents to set a minute before really taking them all in between whiffs of Starbuck's.

Here are my first impressions:

Gardenia #1 - I have mixed feelings. It's an OK attempt at gardenia, but it's not sweet enough. Gardenias have a sweet scent. This has something harsh about it like too much ylang ylang or roses or something. But at the same time, it's a good strong scent that I think people might enjoy.

Gardenia #2 - I like this one, but I think it smells less like gardenias than the others (gardenia is powerful and this one isn't super strong). It's definitely floral but something very green and soft about it as well. Is there cucumber in this? It's closer to Yankee Candles' version.

Gardenia #3 - It's an OK attempt at gardenias, but again something is missing. Sweetness? Not sure, it needs a dash of something to be true to the flower. I guess I am looking for perfection since Brambleberry's rose scent smells exactly like the real thing. Can't I have gardenias that smell real?

Mystery #4 - I have no idea what flower it is supposed to be. It definitely seems to have some sort of melon in it. It's a very green scent and it's not pungent at all, but not weak either.

Mystery #5 - Hmm. This one is throwing me for a loop. It smells a little like tea with a lot of sugar. Not sure how I feel about it yet.

Mystery #6 - This one is a pretty scent. It's light and airy. I know this flower, but I can't place it. I've definitely smelled something like it before. It's one of my favorites of the lot. Frangipani?? Gosh, I can't remember. I'm thinking I smelled it at a spa.

Mystery #7 - This is a nice one...lots of citrus. Maybe orange blossom? It's not super strong and is very refreshing.

Mystery #8 - This one is also refreshing. I think I smell some eucalyptus in it, but it's subtle. It also smells more musk, but still floral. Does that even make sense?

Mystery #9 - This one is also very familiar to me, but I can't place it. It has a fruity scent, maybe some melon and pineapple. It seems like a tropical flower.

Mystery #10 - This one definitely seems to have some ylang ylang and/or rose. I think it is an attempt at jasmine. This is another one of those scents that the synthetic version isn't like the real thing, but it does smell like a decent synthetic jasmine.

So there you have it. I can't wait to test these babies out in a variety of products. I think I'll have a little CONTEST, too. Perhaps give away a sampling of the scents in different products. Sound like fun?

Our new blog name and look is coming soon. Keep an eye out.


  1. Thanks for blogging about S.O.A.P.! I loved reading your initial thoughts on the fragrances and can't wait to hear more about your testing =)

  2. I am very excited to be testing these fragrances out. I'll be posting more soon. Thanks, Anne-Marie.


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