Monday, March 28, 2011

SOAP - Brambleberry's Soap Panel - Follow-up to MP Soap Samples

I've been out of town for 1 1/2 weeks.  First I went on a cruise that my daughter was dancing on and then I helped my mother move to NC.  Now that I am home, I took a peek at the lovely smelling MP soap samples that I made using the fragrances sent by Brambleberry from the SOAP panel.  To my surprise, some of the soaps have discolored over that time. 

Click here to read my previous findings.  In this first photo, you can see the melt and pour soaps with an unscented control in the center of the grouping. 

In the second photo you will see that several of the soaps have turned tan over time, which is not something I would want a floral to do.  The only fragrance that stayed white was number 6.  Next up, I will share my results using the fragrances in lotions and we will have a little contest.

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  1. How interesting!! Some of them really discolored a lot!

  2. Yes, I was quite surprised, even ones that started out white. It's great that Brambleberry gives others a chance to test their new fragrances. They can't possibly test every recipe. It's a real shame. That citrus one, number 8 I think, is my favorite, but would not be usable for me in tan.

  3. You could always be creative and add some clays to try to slightly change the colours again. It may be hard to change the darker ones though. Would be interesting to see how they might turn out :)


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