Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SOAP - Brambleberry's Soap Panel - Lotion Samples & Contest

I have now tried out each of Brambleberry's mystery floral fragrances from the SOAP panel in a fresh batch of lotion.  I must say, they smell different than in soap or from the bottle.  These lotions were scented at 2% and I made another wheel to show discolorations, which at this time were minimal. 

I then tried out each fragranced lotion on the inside of my arm to get an idea of the scents in this medium.  For comparison, if you are really that interested, click here for my first impressions and click here for my results in soap.

Now I do have sensitive skin, so I expect some reactions, and reactions I did receive.  Since my own personal allergies and skin sensitivities do not necessarily reflect that of the general public, I will not reveal anything further on this matter.  Suffice it to say, if you have customers with sensitive skin they should always sample products before using them.  I really suggest offering samples if you don't already.

Gardenia #1 - I enjoyed this version so much more than before.  It smells very much like a gardenia when scented at a lower percentage, as in lotion.  It's sweet and seems to have a melon note to it.

Gardenia #2 - Still doesn't smell like gardenias, but I really like it in lotion.  It's delicate and subtle...not at all overpowering and I really think people would enjoy this one named as something else. 

Gardenia #3 - This gardenia is an OK attempt.  Not sweet enough but still enjoyable.

Mystery #4 - My impression of this one hasn't changed...light, green and melon.  Very spa like.

Mystery #5 - No change...still smells like tea with sugar...maybe tea candy - I just tried some tea candy the other day coincidentally.

Mystery #6 - No change.  Smells like a familiar spa like flower.  It could be Oriental.

Mystery #7 - Definitely a citrus like floral.  I love the airiness of it. 

Mystery #8 - Wow!  This one changed a lot in lotion.  It's floral but with amber tones - exotic, maybe Oriental.

Mystery #9 - Still very tropical.  This one is fun for summer.

Mystery #10 - Sticking with my original guess...synthetic jasmine.

CONTEST TIME!  Do you just love Brambleberry?  Or are you a fragrance junkie?  Want to try each mystery fragrance yourself?  One lucky person will recieve all ten of our lotion samples in Brambleberry's mystery fragrances.  A guest blog about your take on the scents would be awesome but is not required.  So, just post below telling me which mystery fragrance you would like to try most by Friday, April 1st at 10 PM EST.  I will randomly choose one winner to recieve all 10 lotion samples. 

It is the winner's responsibility to contact me within one week.  Otherwise, I give it to the next randomly chosen person.

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  1. I would like to try Mystery #9. I think tropical scented lotion will take me back to my vacation in Jamaica or Cancun. :)

  2. I would like to try mystery #7. Thank you.

  3. I would love to try #8; sounds mysterious and enticing.

  4. I would like Mystery #5 - that sounds wonderful!

  5. Mystery #4 sounds like something I would enjoy. Or #7.

  6. Great idea to do a give away with the S.O.A.P. Panel fragrances and share the love =) We're hoping to get your survey back soon but we may have to our decision without it since it's past the deadline!

  7. I'm confused. I think the winner is to guest blog their take on the fragrances. But also sounds like you, Anne-Marie, want a survey back from Bonnie Bath Co. and not the winner. Is that correct?


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