Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Spotlight - Around the World Tour - Soaps in Oceania

Finally, some soap porn. Were any of you having withdrawal symptoms?

This week we are featuring companies that hail from Oceania, mostly from Australia. Obviously some very talented artisans are located down under. So enough talk, let's do this...

Krystal Kaz - Australia
Inner Earth - Australia

The Soap Dish - Australia

Handmade Soap Blog -Australia

Lizzie Bee - New Zealand

Platypus Dreams - Australia

Next week's Sunday Spotlight World Tour will feature soapmaker's in South America. (Central America will be included with North America.) Are you or someone you know a soapmaker located in South America? You can post a link below or post your soaps on the Sunday Spotlight Flickr Photo Pool with a link to your site. You retain all rights to your photos, I only use them to promote you!


  1. I just discovered Handmade Soap Blog last week! Very talented, as they all are!! Can't wait to see your new changes - very exciting!

  2. Doesn't Handmade Soap Blog look interesting? So glad I stumbled upon it. Hopefuly others will follow.

  3. Thanks for Posting ! first time I have found a genuine post related to Australian Handmade Soap

    1. This article is kind of old. I think I need to do a fresh feature with some more Australian artists. :-) Glad you enjoyed it.


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