Saturday, July 30, 2011

Promoting Your Natural Products - Part Three - Innovative Ideas

Innovative Ideas

Now that you have an understanding of the key words used in promoting natural products, let’s take a look at some innovative ideas for natural products. Many people who enjoy making all natural products also prefer to use all natural packaging.

Besides the obvious recycled paper tags and wrappings, there are some great natural packaging ideas that could be used to really promote your product. For example, Pangea Organics packages their soaps in “boxes” that are made with organic materials and seeds. You can literally plant the package in the ground and grow a tree, after you’ve removed the soap, of course. This is a major selling point and clever marketing as well.

Perhaps your business isn’t large enough to have custom made plant-a-tree boxes for your soap. You can look for packaging that promotes your interests and provides a good marketing point. Distant Village, founded in 2000, is a leading innovator in sustainable handmade packaging. All packaging is produced from sustainable materials. And artisans are contracted through fair trade agreements to make many of the products, including beautiful banana paper packaging and handmade coconut shell accessories that can be reused by the customer. More about Distant Village can be found at Their products are offered, along with many other 100% recycled packaging, at Nashville Wraps. Distant Villages also makes PURE Labels for use at home, which are made of 100% wild grasses. You can even find natural inks for use in your computer.

There are many ideas just like this.
  • Try repurposing flea market finds
  • Use vintage fabrics to wrap your products or cigar boxes from the local liquor store to house your gift sets
  • Seek out fairly traded packaging that promotes economic development of other countries.
  • Team up with another artisan, like one who makes organic cotton crocheted washcloths to use with your products.
  • Think of ways to showcase your products.
  • Be sure to tell potential customers about your company’s unique philosophy and how you are contributing to a better future.

Putting It Together

We now have information on what natural, organic and sustainable are and how they can be used on packaging. We also now have a few ideas taken from Burt’s Bees, Pangea Organics, and Distant Village. Now what? Now you tie in some of the key words and ideas throughout this article into your marketing plan.

Let people know that your product is 100% natural, or 95% natural. Inform people of the organic ingredients that can be found in your product. It’s OK to say, we use organic essential oils from a certified organic supplier on your marketing materials or to your customers in your store or at the farmer’s market. Tell your potential customers what your company does to contribute to sustainability. In your brochure or website, state that you use natural lighting in your shop or only use recycled packaging.

Determine what unique idea sets you apart from the mainstream and be sure to include this information on all written material from packaging to brochures to websites. Seek out blogs and websites that have followers that are looking for natural products and offer a giveaway, discount, or free sample. Take the specific marketing points of natural products and apply them along with conventional business promotion and start your marketing plan today so your business can thrive tomorrow.

Bath Alchemy by The Bonnie Bath Co.

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  1. Really enjoyed all the posts on promotion! You've got some great and unique ideas!


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