Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Relocation a Success

I have officially relocated to North Carolina.  Our move went well, although we are still unpacking.  I must say it's a little like going to a foreign country.  The roads are different.  The grocery stores are different.  And the people are different.  You get the idea.

As an example, I am used to driving on one of the top 10 deadliest stretches of road in the country, and waiting through 4-5 traffic light changes at one intersection during rush hour on 3 straight lanes, 2 left turn lanes, and 1 right turn lane roadways.  Quite frustrating to say the least.  Here in Greensboro, the 3rd largest city in North Carolina, the rush hour traffic is actually relaxing, although natives would probably disagree.  So my stress level is down and I no longer worry about driving my daughter to dance classes.

We're still trying to get settled.  On a plus, I DID find my soap recipe journals that I couldn't find before the move.  They had fallen behind a desk drawer, so that's a relief. 

All in all, things are good and I can get back to soapmaking and posting on my blog.  It's good to be back!

The Bath Alchemy by The Bonnie Bath Co.


  1. It's nice to have you back! I'm SOOOOO glad you found your soap journals!! Relax and enjoy your new pace of life. :)

  2. Once you get back into the swing of things, maybe you would consider teaching some soap making classes? I live right outside of Greensboro & commute to Greensboro everyday, so it would be wonderful to attend something so close by. I hope you will consider this. Thank you!

    Shelly Arsenault


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