Friday, October 7, 2011

Marbling: Painting Your Candles


The final marble technique to discuss is painting. This is the easiest of all the methods and great for those who do not have blow torches lying around the house and prefer not to hammer their candles. In this final method, a different marbling effect is achieved using glass paints, which can be found at a craft store.

You will need:
White candle
Glass paints (alcohol based)
Cold water

To create this final marble, pour a couple of drops of different shades of glass paints into a bowl of cold water. Swirl the colors in the water with a skewer or similar tool. Dip the candle into the colored water. The paints will stick to the candle, but the water won’t. The paints will create a beautiful marbled effect much like that of marbled paper. Allow to dry.

You can achieve this same effect using dye discs or blocks. Simply shave the dye, and drop the shavings into a pot of water heated to 180°F. Dip your candle in the water and watch as the melted dye adheres to the candle creating a lovely marble effect. This method works best if each color is applied separately in layers. You can clear out the previous color by passing a folded newspaper across the mixture. The wax adheres to the paper while the water is left behind ready for a new color.

You now know three new methods in creating quick and easy marbling effects on candles. Have fun playing around with different techniques, colors, and styles to achieve your own unique marble. You may even get some inspiration for your marbled soaps.

Bath Alchemy by The Bonnie Bath Co.


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