Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Spotlight - Flickr Photo Love

For those of you that have followed me for a long time, you remember I used to regularly post a Sunday Spotlight featuring great products from around the globe.  I even started a Flickr Photo Pool a few years ago where anybody can post images of their bath or candle products to share with others.  I've kind of slipped out of the habit of posting weekly due to an exceptionally busy year including a relocation to a new state, where I currently experience culture shock on a daily basis, but that's another story. 

Well, it's time to get back into my good, old habits, and start sharing some soapy goodness again.  So for the first Sunday Spotlight of 2012, I'm featuring those items posted to my Flickr Photo Pool.

De Chocolates Soap by El Jabón Casero

Pumpkin Love Sugar Scrub  My Little Natural Soap

Diane Tackie Bath and Bubble Bombs by D and T Bath and Body

Soap Stacks by Amathia Soapworks

Clove Shave Round Soap by Tierra Verde

French Roast Coffee Soap by Sincerely Natural

Bamboo Sugar Cane Gourmet Soap by Abbey James

Oatmeal Milk and Honey Soap by Amber's Ambry

Caffiene and Milk Soap by Sapo-onis

Want more?  Check out the Sunday Spotlight Flikr Photo Pool.  Want to showcase your lovely bath products?  Go to the photo pool and upload your image.  Be sure to include your website or blog URL so everyone knows where to find you.  Plus it makes it a hundred times easier for me to feature your items. 

Next week's theme is red.  Feel free to post your red soaps, candles and bath products to our photo pool and you could be featured here.

Bath Alchemy by The Bonnie Bath Co.

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  1. It's been awhile for sure! Glad you're bringing this back - it's too cool!! Now, to see what I have that's red...


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