Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday Spotlight - Decadent Chocolate Soaps

I think most women will agree that good chocolate is to die for and so are these chocolate soaps in this week's Sunday Spotlight.  Remember, people, these are soaps, try not to drool.

Vanilla Chocolate Soap by Anita's LaLaLand

Dark Double Chocolate Truffle Soap with Vanilla Swirls by Bambu Earth

French Silk Pie Soap by Larson Farm Naturals

Chocolate Candy Soap Gift Set by AJ Sweet Soap

Swiss Truffle by Red and Rio

Mocha Goat Milk Soap Bar by 27 Soap
Cinnamon Chocolate Handmade Soap by AromaVille

Coffee, Chocolate and Orange Soap by Bulleset Molecules

Next week's Sunday Spotlight theme is Valentine's Day.  Post your goodies and URL to our Flickr Photo Pool. 

Bath Alchemy by The Bonnie Bath Co.


  1. Those are amazing!! I can see myself biting into a chocolate soap out of the box of assorted chocolates! :)

  2. I know Amy. Sometimes soap looks so rich, smooth and delicious, but it really doesn't taste that good. *sigh* I wonder if soap has calories. I mean, it starts out with a lot of oils, but does the saponification process eliminate the calories. Just a little curious. Not really going to eat my soap. ;-)

  3. Oh my word, am I in 'soap heaven' or 'chocolate heaven'? Either one will do me just fine!


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