Monday, May 28, 2012

New Blog Look - Come and See

If you frequent my blog, you know the look of it has changed several times in the last few months as I have tried a variety of designs and styles looking for one that would suit me and my blog goals.  I have finally selected a design I will keep until an update becomes a necessity (not for a while), although please excuse a few adjustments I am still working on fixing.  Have a look around...


Professional Banner - I wanted something to reflect soapmaking without tying it only to my business.  My business blog for The Bonnie Bath Co. is on a separate blog geared towards my customers and features a design similar to my website.  This one is for professionals in the bath and body (and candle) business.  I try to post about topics that may interest those in the industry.  I now have a little banner with some cute spa-like icons.

Navigation Bar - I have a number of links across the pink navigation bar that will get you to your interests fast. 

Photo Slider - A slider is a rotating picture carousel.  I have posted a few photos of my most recent soap projects.  If you click on the picture to the left or the right of the center photo, you can view other photos.  Cool, huh?  I will be periodically changing out the pictures to keep the look fresh and interesting.

Sidebar Share Buttons - If you look to the far left, you will see floating share buttons for the following social media outlets:
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Share This
  • Blogger
  • Google +
  • Pinterest
If you see an article or picture you like, you can easily share it with others at your favorite social media outlets.  The slider will auto-magically stay on the screen as you scroll through the posts.  Please feel free to share anything you find interesting with your friends and fans.

Sidebar - I have opted for 1 sidebar column to cleanup the look of the site.  You will find your typical sidebar content including sponsors, affiliates, certifications, and more in the sidebar.  I am still working on cleaning up the look of this column.

You Might Also Like - I have kept my gadget for related posts with photos at the bottom of each post.  It's a quick means of finding related information, although sometimes it places a wild card in there that doesn't make sense to any readers.

Easier Commenting -
  • No Captcha - I have removed the Captcha requirement when leaving comments.  I hate using it other people's blogs and have finally found where to get rid of it.  Now all you have to do is leave your comment and hit submit and you will no longer have to type in the picture of garbled words with lettering you can't make out. 
  • Prominent Comment # - This little blue circle next to the title of the blog post lets you know how many comments have been left.  Clicking it will take you directly to the post comment section of the individual post.

  • Obvious Commenting - The previous design had a very difficult to find link to add a comment, now you can click the blue circle on the home page, or just scroll down to the bottom if you are on the individual post.
This makes it easier to post a comment. I love comments so feel free to leave them anytime with the newly improved method.

Footer Lists - I have placed the labels, archives, blog lists (fellow blogs I follow) and the Flickr photostream at the very bottom of the page.  My blog list order places the most recently updated blogs at the top.  So if your blog appears near the bottom, try posting something on your blog.  It will shift to the top.  Want to be on my blog list?  Email me your blog address at

I think that about covers the updates and changes on my new blog design.  Let me know what you think.  Don't bother telling me about the pink bar that says "read me" overlapping the text above the related posts OR the missing followers list.  I am trying to get those resolved, so hang tight.  :-)

Bath Alchemy by The Bonnie Bath Co.


  1. Love it but wondering how you got a Wordpress theme on blogspot? Did you manually do all the HTML code? I'm eventually wanting to switch to Wordpress but this is very impressive.


  2. Michelle, thanks for the feedback. This was designed by someone who makes wordpress themes, but this is a blogger template. However, I find I always have to do a lot of HTML work to get things the way I like them. :-)

  3. Love the photo slider, easy to navigate. Love reading your blog and what a pleasure it's going to be to publish a comment without all the hassle.


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