Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Soap Challenge Week 2 - Milk Soap

I am participating in the Soap Challenge on Great Cakes Soapworks blog (see previous post). 

Soap Challenge Week 2 - Milk Soap

Milk soaps are not really a challenge for me since I make them all the time (most of my soaps have milk as the #1 ingredient).  I use fresh goat's milk.  I decided to make a new batch of Wild Irish Rose soap, since I am running low.  I brought it to a thick trace and colored half of the soap pink using an ultramarine.  I placed the pink on the bottom, then layered the uncolored or ivory soap on top, gave a slight texture and sprinkled dried rose petals on top.  Here are some in the mold pictures

And pictures of the finished milk soap.

You can see the other challenge participants' Milk Soaps by clicking here.

I'll post the next challenge soon - Alcohol Soap

Bath Alchemy by The Bonnie Bath Co.


  1. Looks beautiful. A question for you - how do you soap with milk and still keep in nice and light coloured - do you freeze the milk first? Or just mix lye slowly? Incubate, not incubate? I used to freeze the milk first, but then found that the soap came out not as smooth. Now I keep lye pot in a bowl of ice water and mix slowly but it takes forEVER.
    Your soap looks beautiful!! xo jen

  2. Jennifer, I actually posted a tutorial about how I make my milk soap awhile back. Here's the link: http://bonniebathblog.blogspot.com/2009/10/tutorial-goats-milk-soap.html

    Definitely freeze the milk. What I do is I use 15 oz of milk and 5 oz of distilled water. I let the lye/ water cool to about 150 before adding it to the milk to prevent scorching. My soap traces in a short but manageable time. I do not insulate any of my soaps, milk or otherwise. Most of them go through a gel phase, but you could stick them in the fridge if you wanted to avoid that. In this batch I did NOT use titanium dioxide, but that works for getting things whiter. Good luck!

  3. Thanks, Tierra! This is a classic rose scent so it's definitely girly.

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