Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Soap Challenge Week 4 - Alcohol Soap

I am participating in the Soap Challenge on Great Cakes Soapworks blog (see previous post).

Soap Challenge Week 4 - Beer Soap

I skipped week 3 of the challenge because I haven't made the piping soap yet, but I will soon.  So I moved on to week 4 in the challenge - Alcohol soap.  I am no stranger to making soaps with alcohols, so again this is not a challenge for me, but still fun.  I've made soap with beer, wine, scotch, and Meyer's rum.  I cook the alcohol off ahead of time to prevent the volcano effect when lye is added. 

I made my Guinness Spice beer soap for men - acutally this is the shaving soap version that goes with the beer soap.  It is by far one of my best selling soaps.  I make it with essential oils, and it has a spicy licorice scent - very manly fragrance.  It has a bottle of guinness in it and some clay to make it slick for shaving. I always color my Guinness soap in shades of black/grey.      

Each soap came out with a slightly different design.  Here are pictures:

You can see the other challenge participants' Alcohol Soaps by clicking here.

I'll post the next challenge tomorrow- Custom Scent Blends

Bath Alchemy by The Bonnie Bath Co.


  1. These are great!! Love the deep colors - and I can see why the guys would love them!


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