Thursday, May 10, 2012

Soap Challenge Week 7 - Ombré Soap (Gradient Layers)

I am participating in the Soap Challenge on Great Cakes Soapworks blog (see previous post).

Soap Challenge Week 7 - Ombré Soap

Skipping forward again to week 7 of the challenge.  I want to make sure I can actually post this in the link-up on Amy's blog.   The challenge was to create ombré soap or gradient layers (also known as dip-dyeing in the fashion industry).  While my mind raced with the color possibilities, I needed to get some of my scents stocked for customers and decided to use the ombré technique on my Mint and Nettle soap.

It is made with goat's milk and essential oils.  It has powdered nettle in it giving it a slight textured look, so first I set aside 1/5 of the uncolored soap for the top, then I added the nettle.  I took another portion of soap, colored it in chromium green to tone down the earthy green that the nettle turns the soap and layered it with lighter versions until I ran out of green.  I then added a sprinkled layer of nettle powder and then topped the soap with the white I had set aside earlier.  Finally I topped the soap with a sprinkle of mint leaves.

Voila!  The finished ombré soap:

You can see the other challenge participants' Ombré Soaps by clicking here.

I'll post the next challenge tomorrow... Piping soap.

Bath Alchemy by The Bonnie Bath Co.


  1. Oooo, so pretty, Erica!! Love the oceanic look to it - some of my favorite colors. :)

  2. It's very teal in person - definitely one of the greener ocean colors. I like how it came out and it was fun to make.

  3. Really like that color gradient! Stunning.

  4. Thanks for the kind words!


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